If the Scottish Are Not British – They Can Pay Their Own Welfare Bill!


George Galloway recently explained how Tony Blair’s policies contributed to the destruction of the Labour Party in Scotland (which used to be wall to wall red). This involved the pseudo-independence of ‘devolution’, and the rise of the Scottish National Party (SNP), which used to present itself as a leftwing freedom movement, premised upon the notion of ‘anti-colonialism’, but which in reality turned-out to be a form of Scottish ‘soft ‘ Toryism that recently ‘lost’ the Independence Referendum vote. All this is premised upon the idea that England invaded and subjugated Scotland, and that the Scottish people have a right to be free from the English imperialist yoke, but even a cursory observation of Scottish history reveals the ‘mythos’ of this position. The Tory nature of the SNP can be seen with the collapse of its vote in the recent UK General Election, and its adherents switching their political support to the Conservative Party in Scotland – a move that deprived Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party of an out-right General Election victory. The ironies of this movement are many. When Margaret Thatcher came to power (in 1979) in the UK – Scotland remained firmly ‘Labour’. Thatcher so hated the Scottish people, that whenever she initiated a Benefit cut or NHS reform, these extremely unpopular policies were initiated first in Scotland – causing wide-spread social damage and hardships throughout the Scottish working class populations.

In 2016, the UK voted to ‘leave’ the anti-Socialist European Union (EU). The rhetoric emanating from the Scottish Nationalists, however, was that the majority of the Scottish people had voted to ‘remain’ in the EU, and that this was the will of the Scottish people. This explains the Scottish Nationalists voting for the Scottish Tory Party – following the mistaken notion that the Tories will somehow deliver the absurd policy of allowing the ‘UK’ to leave the EU – whilst simultaneously allowing Scotland to ‘remain’! EU legislation supports predatory capitalism (very much in the US model of free market economics), and its binding legislation is designed to remove all barriers to the expansion of this despotic economic model. Of course, these ‘barriers’ are anything ‘Socialist’, such as Welfare Systems, and developed health systems free at the point of use (and paid for through taxation). The EU also demands the unbridled movement of armies of migratory workers that travel to the richest areas of the EU, colonising large areas and destroying local culture, jobs and society, driving-down wages and increasing friction between competing ethnic groups (manifest as increased levels of racism). These workers have no ‘Union’ rights, and are encouraged to ‘fight’ with the local workforce for jobs, housing, medical care, transport and education, etc. EU policy is anti-working class, and generates ‘toxic’ living conditions for all concerned. Workers should have Union rights and decent jobs in the countries of their origin, and not be ‘forced’ by the EU to ‘migrate’ for work. However, Scotland, as part of the UK, has not really felt the full impact of the EU migratory worker policy, simply because there is no exploitable economic base in Scotland. In other words, there are no incentives for armies of EU migratory workers to descend upon the Scottish towns and cities, and to destroy the local culture. This is why the Scots are currently suffering from an unrealistic and idealised view of the EU. Furthermore, as a distinct part of the UK, the Scots currently receive millions of pounds in EU grants and other financial incentives (which amounts to ‘free’ money) without having to pay the social price of EU membership.

When Tony Blair granted Scotland its ‘devolved’ status, he also exempted it from any and all Benefits cuts and NHS reforms that his New Labour brought into the UK. This has meant that Scotland has retained the ‘old’ British Welfare and NHS Systems, which includes Council Housing and completely ‘free’ education for its youth. This has remained the case to this day, with Scotland remaining exempt from the Tory and LibDem dismantling of the British Welfare State and privatisation of the NHS since 2010. However, an interesting question is who pays for this? The Scottish working population is far too small to finance its own Welfare bill through taxation, and so when the rest of the UK is having all vestiges of British Socialism ruthlessly ‘stripped’ from its culture, the Scottish Welfare bill is paid for essentially by the English working population. This is why the Scottish voters are stupid to back Toryism in Scotland and abandon the Labour Party – because if they keep acting in this manner (which is against their own best interests), surely it is only a matter of time before Scotland is impoverished following a complete withdrawal of ‘English’ tax revenue.

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