China Mourns the British Working Class Victims of the Grenfell (格伦费尔) Tragedy!


‘Today, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the International Proletariat is in Mourning for our British Working Class Comrades.’

Translator’s Note: This is a cross-reference of at least 10 (ten) Chinese language articles found on the Chinese language search-engine ‘Baidu’, where I have emphasised the ‘Solidarity’ message, which is presented in a number of different ways (some coded) whilst presenting the historical facts (in one format or another) leading-up to the Grenfell Tragedy – a Council tower-block constructed in 1974, and continuously plagued with problems from the very start (due to cuts in Local Authority budgets and legal responsibilities), culminating in the ‘Austerity’ measures of the last 7 years – presented here as a form of corporate ‘terrorism’. When accessing Google (and other Western search-engines) I found a form of censorship in operation not existing in China. ACW 19.6.2017

The media coverage of the Grenfell Estate tower-block fire (which has killed any number from between 30 to 500 people) has received unusually extensive coverage in print and other media across Mainland (Communist) China. This is being presented very much as a ‘class’ issue, with the Chinese media unusually taking the position that the ruling (bourgeois) powers that be in the UK, have deliberately pursued an attack upon the British Working Class since 2010 through a ‘terrorist’ policy referred to by the Conservative and Liberal Democratic Parties as ‘Austerity’. The policy of ‘Austerity’ has been specifically designed to destroy the institutions of British Socialism fought for over many decades (and initiated into practice by the 1945-1950 Labour Party), which were modes of continuous re-distribution of wealth, within a left-leaning capitalist system. Winston Churchill began the attacks on these institutions in the early 1950’s (at the same time that he instigated wide-spread discriminatory view-points against the Soviet Union, and racist anti-Chinese sentiments against the great founder of the Chinese Communist State – Mao Zedong). Margaret Thatcher’s Tory Administration made real in-roads against British Socialism during the 1980’s, whilst Tony Blair’s ‘neo-conservative’ New Labour Administration (1997-2010) pursued a soft-Tory agenda – not reversing one bourgeois cut or anti-Working Class policy decision. Since 2010, David Cameron’s Tories, and Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats (acting as a ‘Coalition’ Administration), seeking to implement anti-Socialist EU legislation, and to bail-out the capitalist banking system whose mishandling of the international capitalist system had initiated the recession that swept the world – instigated rapid and sudden cuts to the British National Health Service (NHS) which is now being sold-off piece-meal to private businesses unqualified in medical care, leaving hundreds of thousands of British Working Class people without adequate or necessary ‘free at the point of use’ medical care (paid for through taxation), as well as the dismantling of the formerly ‘comprehensive’ British Welfare State System – which was designed to prevent the British Working Class from dropping into poverty during times of unemployment, illness and disability. Although played-down by the Western media, the Government of the UK (2010-2015), following an extensive investigation involving international standards of Human Rights by United Nations (UN), was found Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity in 2016 for the deaths of between 10,000 and 80,000 British Working Class people with Disabilities. The sudden withdrawal of State-administered health and welfare has led to tremendous suffering amongst the British Working Class, and has seen a dramatic rise in homelessness and despotic landlordism. Since 2010, the UK Government has abolished any regulatory control over the behaviour of landlords, and removed any and all legal protection designed to defend the rights of tenants and prevent sudden and unnecessary rises in already excessive rents. Also removed has been the legal requirement for Local Councils and private landlords to keep the properties they own or administer in a good state fit for human habitation. This policy reversal was designed to assist the sell-off of the remaining Social Housing Stock owned by Local Councils into the hands of unscrupulous private landlords – with the aim of driving-out the existing tenants by making the dwellings as disgusting and as dangerous as possible. Once old Council Estates or tower-blocks are emptied of their British Working Class occupants, the buildings are demolished and new dwellings raised in their place, designed for sale to the very rich. This was the situation with the Grenfell tower-block which was one of the last ‘Social Housing’ projects in the area of London’s exclusive Kensington district – surrounded by properties that retail for millions of British pounds. The multicultural British Working Class population of this tower-block (which is reported as numbering over 500) was comprised of British-Black, British-White, EU-Citizens, British-Asian and British-Chinese (as well as others as of yet ‘undefined’). Currently, the British government is exercising censorship over the reporting of this disaster, as the British (Christian) Prime Minister – Theresa May – is rumoured not to want the association between this tragedy and Tory policy since 2010, being made public knowledge. In collusion with this policy of ‘keeping the lid on’, the BBC has been complicit, deliberately not reporting the facts, and refusing to interview victims of this terrible fire. There has even been a rumour that the British Prime Minister has issued a ‘D-Notice’ – a British legal document that ‘silences’ the media within a liberal, democratic society, when the government of the day does not want the population that elected it to power – to know certain facts about its behaviour. The British Prime Minister also ordered ‘armed’ British police onto the Grenfell Estate as a means to prevent the British Working Class population of the area ‘rising-up’ against this tyranny, and to prevent anyone getting onto the estate to gain the ‘true’ facts from the residents about what actually happened. Today, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the International Proletariat is in Mourning for our British Working Class Comrades.

The Basic Story for Chinese Language Readers:

示威者在周五闯进伦敦西区肯辛顿市政厅(Kensington Town Hall),在格伦费尔塔公寓楼(Grenfell Tower)周三发生火灾后,他们为几天来仍在等待失踪人数的信息备感不满。




示威者还在格伦费尔公寓楼附近的圣克莱门教堂(St Clements Church)聚集。英国首相特里萨•梅(Theresa May)在此慰问如今无家可归的火灾幸存者。


晚些时候,抗议者在唐宁街(Downing Street)首相府门外、牛津街和伦敦市中心英国广播公司(BBC)门外聚集,和平地举行示威。








Chinese Language references:

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