USSR: Pregnant Women Receive Midwifery Care (1970) – Из серии «Рождение человека». 1970 год. Фото: Сергей Васильев


This is a ‘still’ from the 1970 Soviet film ‘The Birth of Man’ by Sergey Vasiliev.  This is a documentary way ahead of its time, featuring the conception process and subsequent growth of a baby (through all its relevant phases).  Russia went from a backward feudalism in to an advanced Socialist State in a matter of a few years.  Until 1917, ordinary Russian women had no recourse to medical care or properly trained midwives. Within two months of taking power, however, Lenin made sure that women and children received proper care and attention.  I originally posted this picture of Soviet women awaiting their medical checks at a midwifery clinic onto my Facebook page – but it was immediately taken down because of the alleged ‘sexual violence’ apparently evident in this picture!  In the meantime, Mark Zuckerberg carries on supporting the murders of Palestinians by the Zionist Israeli forces, and censoring leftwing news sites and Animal Rights pages.

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