Xmas with Chinese Characteristics (中国特色的圣诞节总)


Xmas has been historically linked in China, with European imperialism and colonialism, from a past destructive era that saw the Roman Catholic and Protestant Churches of the West, seek to destroy indigenous Chinese religion and culture. This process of ‘conversion’ invariably involved the very worst aspects of gun-boat diplomacy, and the forced signing of ‘unequal’ treaties.  At a time that saw the power of the Chinese government weakened or removed from whole swathes of the Chinese population, with those people being left unprotected by the Chinese imperial State, and subjected to brutal Western subjugation and control. The Western Christian authorities used to buy-up all the local supplies of rice, and then only give-out food to those Chinese that ‘converted’ to the Christian faith – hence the term ‘rice Christians’.  Today, Communist China is ‘free’ of Western, imperialist control, and interacts through conditions of its own choosing.  The US has been trying to destroy Communist China for decades, using closer trade links and encouraging the Chinese diaspora to ‘Westernise’ through embracing capitalism and Christianity.  This policy has also been applied to Mainland China – but its impact has been very slight, as the Chinese people that rule themselves, want neither capitalism nor Christianity.  This attitude of self-determination is directed by the Communist Party of China, that is well aware of the US attempt to sway the Chinese populace through bourgeois propaganda. As a result, in some parts of China (but by no means all), the outward manifestations of a secular Xmas might be celebrated in a limited manner, but firmly within the non-Christian context of Chinese culture. Xmas (like Christianity) is not popular in China, despite Western propaganda to the contrary.  Wherever Father Christmas manifests within China, it must be in a secular manner relevant to Chinese culture, and in no way serve as a platform for the penetration of bourgeois cultural norms into Mainland China. This is because Western religion has historically always aligned itself with predatory capitalism, and its presence in any non-Western country has served as a prelude to the importation of capitalism and the destruction of culture and self-determination.  The placing Santa beards, for instance, on national treasures, is considered the height of bourgeois decadence and racism.






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