Soviet Union: UVB-76 Radio Station (станция УВБ 76 Русское радио)


UVB-76 is a short-wave radio station broadcasting on the frequency of 4625 kHz, transmitting signals to receivers with the current call-sign ZhUOZ , with the former call-signs being UVB-76 and MDZHB,. Its number classification is ‘S28’, and it is designed to cover Northern and Central Europe – although it can be received all over the world with the correct radio equipment.  Despite its different historical call-signs, many people prefer to refer to this station solely as ‘UVB-76’. Although unproven, it has been assumed to be linked to the Soviet Red Army, and subsequently the modern Russian Military. Conspiracies abound in the West as to its origination and intended function, but I have accessed Russian-language texts about this station, and they clearly state that the following:

‘Purpose – warning station (reserved for communication in case of natural disasters and civil defence) in peacetime currently used as a communication device between military offices.’

‘Назначение — станция оповещения (резервированная для связи в случае Гражданской обороны и катаклизмов), в настоящее мирное время используется в качестве связи военкоматов.’

I shall add two Russian-language references to the bottom of this article, but on the Russian internet there are many more.  In the meantime, I would like to contextualise how the West generally views ‘UVB-76’, and then add more Russian information about its possible function. The Western bourgeois mind-set has been full with false imaginations about Russia. This prejudice, discrimination and racism is not new between Western European countries and Russia, (possibly because Russia was invaded and colonised by the Mongolians at an early part of its history), and this inability to perceive and accept Russian people as equally valid individuals was exasperated by the Russian Revolution of 1917, and the conversion of that society by VI Lenin, from a state of backward feudalism (and fledgling capitalism), into a Socialist State.  As the West was controlled by capitalism, the powers that be generated an antipathy toward what became known (since late 1922) as the ‘Soviet Union’ to a height of aggressive intensity, the likes of which had never been known in the recorded history of the two cultural groupings.  Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the capitalist West has not reconciled with capitalist Russia, but under guidance of the first African-American President of the United States – Barak Obama – has embarked upon a vicious campaign of manufacturing, arming, financing and politically supporting an upsurge in neo-Nazism in the Eastern European countries that border western Russia. A symptom of this policy has seen the unquestioning Western media blaming Russia for aggression in the area, whilst Ukrainian neo-Nazis tear-down statues of Lenin, and build tributes to Adolf Hitler in their place.


Through all of the turmoil the collapse of the Soviet Union has meant for the Russian people, there has been a Soviet-era radio station broadcasting a signal from the territory of the military town of Povarovo (56 ° 4’58 “p. M., 37 ° 5’22” at. E.). This is located approximately halfway between Zelenograd and Solnechnogorsk, and lies 40 km north-west of Moscow (see above map). However, the location and call-sign remained unknown until the first voice transmission in 1997.  The station usually broadcasts 24 hours a day, and emits a high-pitch monotonous sound consisting of various types of short beeps – although the type of beep does appear to remain stable for years at a time. Without any apparent rhyme or reason, and with no prior warning, the bleeps suddenly stop and are replaced with a short message (usually read twice) by a male (but sometimes a female) voice.  For example, the message broadcast in late December, 1997 reads:

‘I UVB-76, UVB-76 i. Broman 180 08 74 27 99 14

Boris, Roman, Olga, Michael, Anna, Larissa. 7 4 2 7 9 9 1 4′

Although the amplitude and pitch shifts at times, and the intervals between the signals often vary slightly, the station emits a continuous ‘buzzer-type’ or ‘hummer’ sound. This station has attracted much interest from around the world, and it has not gone without notice, that the ‘hummer’ sound possesses a soothing, and constant sounding monotone effect, rather like a metronome, with the power to relax the recipient.  Was this ability to induce a relaxed brain-pattern and physical body, part of an early Soviet experiment with radio-waves?  Could UVB-76 be a device to aid the populace of the world to embrace selfless endeavour and abandon the greed of capitalism?  Is there a Soviet underground operating in modern Russia that is so technologically powerful and advanced, that the capitalists that run modern Russia do not confront or combat its existence?  Whatever the case, the ‘official’ government of Russia denies all knowledge of UVB-76, despite the fact that the signal has been tracked to the Moscow vicinity. It is odd that a covert ‘Soviet’ radio station could be allowed to operate with impunity within what might be construed as an ‘aggressive’ capitalist State (opposed to Communism).  Whatever the case, on June 5th, 2010, and without any warning, the ‘buzzer’ stopped completely and the station broadcast empty noise.  However, the next day the ‘buzzer’ started again (with this break in transmission being linked to a change of location),  in August transmission stopped and started a number of times, but the pattern soon resumed, although at 10:15 hrs on August 25th, the ‘buzzer’ stopped and there was the clear sound of what sounded like individuals moving around the room – perhaps trying to repair a technical problem or fault in the machinery.  Then in early September, there was heard the Dance of the Little Swans – Classical music taken from Tchaikovsky’s ballet ‘Swan Lake’.  On September 7th, a male voice announced a new call-sign for the station – MDZHB – apparently premised upon the names ‘Mikhail’, ‘Dmitri’, ‘Zhenya’ and ‘Boris’.  (The earlier call-sign of ‘UVB-76’ is often said to be a misreading ‘UZB-76’ prior to 2010).  On December 28th, 2015, a new voiced message announced the new call-sign of ‘ZhUOZ’ – mirroring the names of ‘Zhenya’, ‘Ulyana’, ‘Olga’ and ‘Zinaida’.  Although Western accounts talk of a ‘woman screaming’ in the background of a  UVB-76 transmission (uploaded onto Youtube dated 28th, Dec 2012), I cannot find any verification of this incident recorded in Russian-language sources, and assume this story to be a Western anti-Russian fabrication.  It is interesting to note that the English-language Wikipage omits important information included on the Russian-language Wikipage -suggesting the US Wiki-site has deliberately pursued a policy of withholding genuine knowledge that is readily available and well-known (the apparent purpose of Wikipedia) it would undermine or render ridiculous many Western conspiracy theories that evolve around the fallacious concept of an ‘evil’ Russia trying to take-over the world!  My own theory is that UVB-76 has multiple purposes, one of which was designed by the advanced Soviet scientists to broadcast a subliminal message world-wide, as part of a concerted technological process to undermine the psychological adherence to capitalism, and that all those capitalists who currently (and regularly) listen to it then and now, are slowly experiencing the eradication of the ‘inverted’ mind-set that underlies (and justifies) all bourgeois corruption and greed. In-short, UVB-76 could well have been designed as a means to achieve world-wide Socialist Revolution without the need for armed conflict.


Russian Language Sources:



UVB-76 Webpage (English)

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