Why I support Orthodox Judaism Against Israel


I am a secularist who is of the opinion that all religions can be managed correctly within a progressive ‘free space’ that is beneficial to all.  People have a right to a belief, just as people have a right to hold no belief.  I respect the agency of fundamentalist belief providing it is not totalitarian, and does not interfere in the field of secular politics.  I am sympathetic to what I consider a ‘righteous’ cause.  I assess these matters from the perspective of Scientific Socialism, and work from the premise of what set of circumstances peacefully progress the Socialist – Communist cause, and which do not.  This generally means in practical terms that I reject fascism, and encourage the progressive left.  I also believe that people who are religiously minded and peaceful, need protecting from the forces of fascism.  I personally love and admire Jewish people, and like the Orthodox Jewish Movement (many of whom are my friends) but I have severe reservations about the Zionist ideology that underpins the modern State of Israel.  My Orthodox Jewish friends are against the existence of Israel on the grounds that it is a direct violation and contradiction of the teachings contained within Jewish scripture.  I have no opinion on this matter as I am not Jewish, and do not follow religious texts as a means of informing political direction.  However, I do agree with my Orthodox Jewish friends that Israel is ‘fascist’ and unjustly attacks, destroys and kills the Palestinian people solely because of a non-Biblical and racist definition of what it means to be ‘Jewish’.  As Israel is essentially a ‘white’ European State, Zionism (which is not premised upon Judaic scripture) is simply a form and extension of European racism aimed at non-white people.  Orthodox Jews are beaten, maimed and even killed by the forces of the modern Israeli State.  The Orthodox Jews are true Jews who are the real victims of anti-Semitism, not just from fascists around the globe, but also from fascists within Israel itself.  I support the Orthodox Jews in their fight against Israeli fascism, and for the rights and freedom of the Palestinian people.  Socialists and Communists must protect and assist the Orthodox Jews – whilst assisting their correct anti-fascist campaign against Israel.  Israel must be reformed from within, so that its racist, Zionist ideology is abandoned, and Orthodox Judaism takes over its governance.  Then peace can be made with the Palestinians, and the damage done since 1948 can be repaired.  Orthodox Jews love and respect the Palestinian people and yet they still suffer from Western anti-Semites and Israeli anti-Semites.







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