French Magazine Le Point Labels Chinese Women ‘Prostitutes’


Original Chinese Language Article By:

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

On December 13th, 2012, according to reports in ‘News Today’, the French anti-racist organisation SOS Rascisme 10 issued a statement confirming that they intend to sue the French magazine named ‘Le Point’ for printing material of a racist nature, that deliberately portrayed Chinese people in a false and negative light, and accused all Chinese women of being prostitutes.

SOS Rascisme 10 said that on August 23rd, 2012, Le Point published an article entitled “French-Chinese Owe Their Success to Cunningness”, and libellously implied that Chinese people are dishonest, mean, worship money, and are obsessed with work.  The Court Hearing for this case will be held on January 24th, 2013, and will consider the five main points of misrepresentation which include; 1) Chinese people work 80 hours per week, 2) Chinese people fall asleep whilst at work, 3) Chinese employers refuse to pay the salaries of their employees, 4) All Chinese women are prostitutes.

A representative of the French-Chinese Youth Association (AJCF) stated that the Le Point article in question was racially motivated and contained typical examples of French racist attitudes toward non-Europeans living in France and who consider themselves ‘French’.  SOS Rascisme 10 further clarified the situation by adding that there had developed a disturbing trend in France in recent years of publishing racist articles in newspapers and magazines, deliberately targeting non-European, French ethnic minorities.  The routine excuse for this journalistic racism in France (which has been used on a number of occasions as a ‘legal’ defence) is that the articles are intended to be taken as ‘humorous’.  SOS Rascisme 10 advised that there should be a definite limit to humour in the media that is ‘racist’ in nature and intended to alienate and insult a French ethnic minority.  When asked to comment on their article claiming all Chinese women were ‘prostitutes’, Le Point issued a statement claiming the article was intended as ‘humour’, and that its contents had been misconstrued.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2016.

Original Chinese Language Source Article:


法杂志发表辱华言论 女性都是妓女

大公网12月13日讯 据《今日新闻》报道,法国反种族主义团体SOS Racisme10日发表声明,他们以侮辱在法华人的名义起诉法国着名杂志《观点》(Le Point)。

SOS Racisme说,《观点》杂志8月23日刊载的一篇题为《在法华人狡猾的成功》的文章,将在法华人诋毁为狡诈、吝啬、拜金的工作狂。有关此案的听证会会在2013年1月24日举行。


法国华人青年协会(AJCF)发言人说,这篇文章充满了侮辱与贬低意味。SOS Racisme也指出,这种种族侮辱以幽默为借口,开玩笑有各种方式,但必须有个节制。 但《观点》杂志社长则说称,这篇文章是一篇幽默的文学作品,其意思被曲解了。

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