Human Rights and Neo-Imperilism


The Judeo-Christian tradition has undoubtedly been a major developmental influence upon the cultural and political development of Europe and the USA. For at least a thousand years, this religious teaching arising within a Roman-dominated Middle East, held the populace of the West in its psychological, moral, and physical grasp. As there has not been a radical or permanent ‘break’ with the past (through revolution) in Western Europe, the Judeo-Christian tradition has been allowed to develop more or less naturally as the socio-economic conditions have changed. As educational standards improved in Europe, the power of the Judeo-Christian tradition – in its obvious religious expression – began to wane. This process of the loss of power in Europe was aided and enhanced by the rediscovery of Greek logic (preserved in Islamic libraries) throughout the world, and the subsequent development and re-emergence of rationality and science in the West. This process of renaissance and enlightenment was confronted and brutally opposed by the Catholic and Protestant Churches, (and ignored by the adherents of the Jewish religion). It is ironic that in the old days only the nobility and the Church retained the ability to read and write, and even then it was only designed as a means to read and copy the bible, so that the laity could be kept firmly in their place, dominated as they were by the imaginations of theology, that were masquerading as a cross between a legitimate political philosophy, and a pseudo-scientific theory. It was just this ability to read and write that led to a number of Christian monks – such as Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) – an Italian Dominican friar, who is today recognised as being a very able philosopher, mathematician, poet, and astrologer, to break out of the tyranny of theological conditioning. He agreed with Copernicus that the sun was at the centre of the solar system, and that planets evolved around it, but went further by asserting that there were many other suns that had planets revolving around them throughout the universe, and that it was a logical possibility that on some of these planets, there would exist other forms of life. This development of logical thinking out of theological propaganda, led to Bruno being tried for heresy by the Catholic Church (a trial that began in 1593), and publically burnt at the stake in Rome, in 1600.

The example of Giordano Bruno serves as an indicator of the routine use of torture and terrorism by the established Church in the West, as it tried to prevent the re-emergence of logical thinking. Bruno, of course, was arrested by the ‘Roman Inquisition’ – an odious Catholic institution that still exists in the Vatican (as the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith), which acts very much in the mould of the Nazi German SS. Researchers claim that for over a thousand year time period of systematic abuse, torture, and murder in the West, the Christian Church has killed thousands upon thousands of people – with the final total possibly in the millions. This aggression has its origins in the inverted mindset that lies behind religious imaginations that are often anything but benign. An idea of a god is generated in the mind of an individual, and mistakenly interpreted as existing in the environment, independent of the mind that has created it. This illusion is then imbued with qualities associated with the physical universe – which is infinitely large, self-sustaining, and all embracing. This thought in the form of a god is then further distorted as being the creator of the physical world it mimics. Theology is then a distorted use of the intellect which seeks to justify this fundamental inversion and misunderstanding of reality. Theology justifies the perpetuation of this ignorance through a bewildering array of imaginations that are believed to be both ‘good’ and ‘correct’. Theology is yet another invention of the inverted intellect that assumes delusions of grandeur that really does not exist any further than in the mind of its human creators. When illogicality of theology is attacked by reason, it responds by resisting the corrective nature of the logical criticism, by attacking the physical body that is producing progressive attitudes and ideas. The Christian Church has demonstrated throughout its history that its preferred method of crushing the emergence of logic and reason is the physical eradication of those who dare to throw-off the shackles of ignorance and darkness.

Today, the socio-economic forces of the West have produced the conditions for the human mind to move beyond the conditioning of a theology that reflects medieval (and earlier) conditions, and which have led to the development of secular logic and presumed superior standards of moral behaviour. The problem with this development is that it is not ‘free’ of the Judeo-Christian tradition that has served as its historical basis. The conditions that have given rise to modern secularist thinking in the West are not only socio-economic, but are also theological in nature. Socio-economic development, it is true, has allowed for the stripping of obvious religiosity from around Christian theology, and created what is sometimes referred to as ‘humanistic’ thinking, but the nature of secularist thinking remains firmly rooted in the very bible it appears to have transcended. Just as Judeo-Christian theology is not logical or universal in the rational sense, it follows that any secularist thinking premised upon its religious imaginations, does not represent humanity as a whole, and should not be referred to as ‘humanistic’, as this is a contradiction in terms. The rhetoric of Judeo-Christian theology very much represents the socio-economic conditions of Roman-occupied Judea around 150 CE, and reflects the Jewish concerns of the time. This out of date thinking dominated Europe in a most destructive manner for centuries, before finally collapsing under the substantial weight of its own inherent contradictions. The supposed ‘morality’ of the Judeo-Christian tradition is enforced upon a modern world through the strictures of ‘human rights’, which are really an expression of how the Judeo-Christian influenced West chooses to view the world. Humanism is nothing but theology stripped of its obvious outer garb of religiosity, and enforced on other people (and countries) through military and political action. It can be clearly seen today in Gaza, as Israel packages its murderous actions with Old Testament biblical references, and in how the West currently treats African nations, China, and Russia. Secularism is being used by modern Western governments as a form of neo-imperialism – because it is friendly to the development and sustaining of capitalism in undeveloped areas – and as a ‘new crusade’ against anything that dares to be different. In this situation, modern Western governments mimic, in their behaviour, the proselytising spirit of the Church they have replaced.

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